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Don’t count on a lot of new state spending. Thoughts on 20-dollar oil.

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Arctic Climate Change and Extinction

I can barely understand the abstract: The Arctic Ocean is undergoing rapid climatic changes including higher ocean temperatures, reduced sea ice, glacier and Greenland Ice Sheet melting, greater marine productivity, and altered carbon cycling. Until recently, the relationship between climate and Arctic biological systems was poorly known, but this has changed substantially as advances in […]

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The state bird of Alaska, profiled in the Alaska Dispatch News: there are about 17.5 trillion of them. Read the whole article to find the answer to the question: Is the biomass of mosquitoes on the North Slope larger than that of all caribou? The accompanying picture is pretty accurate, too.

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Nightmare Climber

We went to the AK Zoo for Father’s Day. Can you guess what this charming fellow is? That’s right. It’s a climbing porcupine. Did you know they could climb? And with those teeth, do you think there’s anything in your house they can’t go through? Sleep soundly! I posted about a dozen of my favorite […]

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Earthquake Map of Anchorage

Here’s an interesting map, showing where the areas of Anchorage most susceptible to seismic activity are located. (I live in one of the green areas, yay!) (Via Twitter, like so many good things online.)

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Newsboys at Fusion 2013

We saw the Newsboys last night. They were performing at the “Fusion 2013” event at the Anchorage Baptist Temple (the only church I’ve ever seen with a disco ball). Here’s a shot from the show. Judging from the number of people holding up phones (and iPads!) to record whole songs, you should be able to […]

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“This was not a boating accident!”

…well, actually, it was a boating accident, according to the Anchorage Daily News: Two women are dead after their canoe capsized on Eagle River on Wednesday afternoon, police and fire officials said. They had PFDs and other people were with them and still they died. Authorities are investigating. Earlier this summer, I was trying to […]

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Twilight in Alaska

Here’s what’s so weird about living in Alaska. It’s late, and I’m tired, and I look out the window and the sun hasn’t even set yet!

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Alaska Note: Exxon Valdez Still Around

The Exxon Valdez (now known as the Oriental Nicety) is still around. It was headed to Gujarat, India, to be broken up. That’s on hold while the authorities determine whether it contains toxic materials. The Amoco Cadiz avoided this fate by doing its oil spill and breaking up at the same time.

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“Beater with a Heater”

It costs a lot to ship a car to Alaska, so we sold the older of our two cars when we moved here. And now we’re trying to find a replacement. My price range is “beater with heater,” so if you know something in that ballpark, let me know. I’m mainly using Craigslist, of course, […]

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