Back to work

I spent Friday and the weekend on a brief mission trip in Arizona, but I’m back at work today. Well, sort of. I have almost no time to do, uh, work. In the morning, I’m meeting with some people to discuss a sermon text I won’t preach until September 20 (really!). In the afternoon, I’ll be doing some computer tutoring, which I’ll follow with my 8-weekly bloodletting. So, I’m back at work, but only just barely.

Catalyst West 2009

I spent Thursday and Friday in Irvine at the first-ever west-coast Catalyst conference.

Catalyst 2009 West Coast

As a whole, the conference was outstanding. (The weakest part for me was the worship music, by Hillsong United and other bands, because it was mostly unfamiliar to me, because I’m mostly a clueless old duffer.)

The speakers included Andy Stanley, Guy Kawasaki, Ravi Zacharias, Brian Houston, Erwin McManus, Craig Groeschel, Jud Wilhite, Perry Noble, Francis Chan, Catherine Rohr, and Nick Vujicic. Here’s a sample of Nick Vujucic:

Accordance 8

Well, I just shelled out the money for an upgrade to version 8 of Accordance. I may discover more later, but I already know of three compelling features.

First, when you have two panes open, it will highlight the words in one that correspond with the ones your mouse cruises over in the other (assuming both texts are tagged).

Second, it will let you adjust the leading.

Third, fuzzy searching. I don’t know how good this will be, but I know I need it. My problem is that I remember there’s a verse I want to find but I don’t know what translation it’s in. For example, I search for “Jesus wept” and get the “no matches” dialog, because I normally use the NRSV, where John 11:35 reads “Jesus began to weep.” (Inexplicably. That verb must be the “aorist of but-it-ought-to-be-imperfect.”) Then I say, “[curses] it” and ask Mr. Google to find the verse for me.

Three Christians Speak About the Bible

Here’s what Stanley Hauerwas has to say:

No task is more important than for the Church to take the Bible out of the hands of individual Christians in North America. Let us no longer give the Bible to all children when they enter the third grade or whenever their assumed rise to Christian maturity is marked, such as eighth-grade commencements. Let us rather tell them and their parents that they are possessed by habits far too corrupt for them to be encouraged to read the Bible on their own. [1]

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Hebrew: Not (Quite) Dead Yet

For Lent I’m going to preach from the Old Testament. (That doesn’t mean what you think. It’s just that I mostly preach from the gospels.) It was a trip to be reading the ‘brew again.

I did my translation of Genesis 2:15-17,3:1-7. The first verse was a disaster, because the first word was yiqqach and I’d forgotten about roots where the initial L just vanishes (like LQH). But by the end, I was coming back strong, staring at words like nechmad and thinking that must be a niphal from HMD. (Then trying to remember what the niphal signified, but that’s another story.)

I’m gratified to note here that while my m4d H3br3w sk1llz aren’t what they used to be (i.e., pathetic but serviceable), I was able, eventually, to work my way through the entire mess. Hooray for me and Summer Hebrew.