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The Most Useful GIF ever

(Kudus: Frank Luntz on Twitter)

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Car Stereo – Progress Report

I always dread doing work on my car. Today’s project was to install a new stereo. I bought the car back in March. It already had an aftermarket stereo: the JVC KD-G200. There’s nothing wrong with it. I got something like it for my previous old clunker back in ’01 or ’02 so I could […]

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New Car

The last part of moving happened today, when I bought a new old clunker to take the place of the old old clunker we unloaded back in Yucca Valley. Here it is: And here’s what it looks like on the inside: (If you click through to the pictures, you not only get the option of […]

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“Beater with a Heater”

It costs a lot to ship a car to Alaska, so we sold the older of our two cars when we moved here. And now we’re trying to find a replacement. My price range is “beater with heater,” so if you know something in that ballpark, let me know. I’m mainly using Craigslist, of course, […]

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Mileage 123456

Driving back from a funeral at Riverside National Cemetery, my car’s odometer hit 123,456. The car rolled off the line in August of 1994, so let’s call that 21-22 miles a day, or 7716 miles/year.

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Unwaivering Service?

I got new tires the other day, and a wheel alignment too. One of the places I got a quote from was Wal*Mart Tire and Lube Express. Here is the interesting part: I don’t know how you could beat an unwaivering commitment, so I got my tires there.

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Colorful Car Update

The other day, I pointed out a beautiful chartreuse Dodge Charger/Daytona at the hospital. It turns out there’s something in the water at the hospital that makes the staff pick wild colors for their cars. Here’s that same car again, in the background, and a gorgeous purple twin of it in the foreground. I’m not […]

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My next car will be gassy green

Either my next car, or possibly the next paint job on my current car, will be gassy green like this one: (I refer to the green one in back. Mine is the black-and-bare-metal one in front.) I don’t think a new car is in my budget any time soon, but this one looks pretty sweet. […]

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The Future is Now

I live in the future. I’m posting from my car. Cool. Here is the GPS telling me how fast I’m going.

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More Car Troubles…

Today’s problem can’t be fixed with WD-40. Or even a can of brake fluid. It’s some kind of clutch trouble. At 115K, I suppose it’s due. But these repairs are getting tedious. Later: well, the guy at the shop bled the lines, then (garbled) then bled them again. Now he wants me to drive it […]

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