Sorting people geographically

Well, I spent most of my day off doing it, but it was fun and it was programming, so I guess that’s still a “sabbath” of sorts.

The problem was to sort all the people in church geographically, so that, when the deacons divide them up into groups, each deacon can have a group that’s concentrated in one region.
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Standup Desk at Church

I got rid of the behemoth.

stand-up desk at church

When I moved my day off from Friday to Monday, I still wrote my sermons on Friday, but no longer on my day off. As a result, I no longer wrote them at home. Which in turn meant I came home with all kinds of bursitis and odd aches and pains from trying to type a few thousand words in a couple of hours at a non-ergonomic workstation. Ergo, the stand-up desk (“bar table”) I use at home must be more ergonomic than the gigantic desk at church.

So for my birthday, more or less, Mrs. Mess of Pottage bought me a new desk. My arms feel better, but my feet are sore. (The blue shock-absorbing mat at the bottom of the desk is a late-afternoon addition.)

Google Calendar

It’s been a couple of 2-3 years since the last time I played with Google Calendar. At the time, I thought it was interesting, but not compelling enough to migrate away from iCal. (Or even go to the trouble to integrate it with iCal.)

Today I played with it some more, and I liked it. Not least because it enabled me to publish a calendar that I could then subscribe to in iCal. This might have been one of the reasons I didn’t like it back then: I didn’t have any truly public calendars. Today I do, both at the church and with some of the other organizations I’m part of. The only thing I used to want to share was my personal calendar, but I didn’t want to make that public, and my wife refused to get a gmail account. Anyway, that’s history, and now I see how wonderful Google Calendar is. My bad.

Anyway, now that I’m a late adopter, I want to point out something else I like about Google Calendar. Take a look at these two events. First, iCal:

Calendar Detail (iCal)

Now compare that with Google Calendar:

Calendar Detail (Google)

You see the difference? In the month view, Google shows what time the event is. If iCal could do that it would be a huge win.

Another thing I like about Google Calendar is the extra views: 4-day and Agenda.

And, frankly, it isn’t any harder to edit an existing event in Google Calendar than it is in iCal. In fact, iCal has gotten harder to work with in Leopard. Brilliant decision that was.

Engle Institute concluded

People keep telling me I need to turn the knob to 11. Easier said than done. Also, I need to quit trying to lead in program development and instead to lead in theological reflection. If I do that at all well, then programs will follow. (Sigh.)

Anyway, it’s been an awesome conference. It was good to see so many PTS people and to meet some non-PTS folks. Worship at Miller was excellent as always.

Three Christians Speak About the Bible

Here’s what Stanley Hauerwas has to say:

No task is more important than for the Church to take the Bible out of the hands of individual Christians in North America. Let us no longer give the Bible to all children when they enter the third grade or whenever their assumed rise to Christian maturity is marked, such as eighth-grade commencements. Let us rather tell them and their parents that they are possessed by habits far too corrupt for them to be encouraged to read the Bible on their own. [1]

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