Avocado News

The Smithsonian has news for market timers:

Americans devour 7 pounds of avocado per person each year, compared to 1 pound on average back in 1989. Per capita consumption of avocados has tripled since the early 2000s, according to the USDA. Yet nearly all of these avocados—some 95 percent in the U.S. and about 80 percent worldwide—are of a single variety: the ubiquitous Hass. That’s especially crazy because … the pebbly, black-skinned Hass didn’t even exist a century ago.

Also this, which makes me wince to consider:

…mammoths and giant ground sloths would gobble the fruit whole and then travel long distances, before pooping out the seed and thus dispersing the trees.

Too Much Pizza

If you saw the ads for Taco Town on SNL, this won’t be anything new to you. But if you didn’t, you might enjoy this over-the-top pizza ad (via vanderleun).

(Sadly, the language in that ad is NSFW. It’s a shame that so many people lack the vocabulary, wit, and subtlety to express themselves without resorting to profanity. They do with their language what they accuse Pizza Hut of doing with food. There’s more to communicating than intensity.)

If those aren’t enough, you might also like the (slightly less vulgar) South Park Chipotle Away commercial.

The Best Cheeseburger Ever

There’s a story about the world-famous green chili cheeseburgers served by the Owl Bar, and I’m here to tell you, they’re not kidding. The best cheeseburgers evah.

(Frankly, if you’re in New Mexico, Blake’s Lotaburger is pretty good, and here in California you can’t get a better cheeseburger without green chilis than the ones they make at In’n’Out. But the Owl Bar is in a class by itself. And as the story reveals, a lot of professor-types have taken that class too. The reviews on Yelp are wonderful in their cluelessness. Not just police have unit patches, kid.)

I’m a Bean Burrito Kinda Guy

In the movie “The Blind Side,” Mrs. Touhy objects to the word when Mr. Touhy remarks that the quesadilla saved their “asses.” The exchange might overshadow the salient point, which is that Taco Bell franchisees rejoiced about the sales that the mighty quesadilla would generate for them.

Well, maybe they’ve found the next one:

Taco Bell is testing a new taco featuring a shell made from nacho cheese-flavored Doritos, a product that is quickly becoming a media star as the chain’s parent company hints of plans to “reinvent the taco” next year.

I think that sounds terrible. But then, I’ve always been a Bean Burrito kind of guy.

Indian Cooking in Crock-Pot

About once a quarter, Mrs. Accretion Disc is able to devote half a day to making some kind of Indian-food dish, and those days are awesome. Sadly, they only come once a quarter. But maybe that will change, now that someone has published a book on making Indian food in a crock-pot! The cover illustration is making me drool. (Read the author’s blog here; via Insty.)

Salt Science

This was interesting, in the NY Times science blog:

Dr. McCarron and his colleagues analyzed surveys from 33 countries around the world and reported that, despite wide differences in diet and culture, people generally consumed about the same amount of salt. … The results were so similar in so many places that Dr. McCarron hypothesized that networks in the brain regulate sodium appetite so that people consume a set daily level of salt.

The rest of the article is about efforts to regulate salt in foods. What if that finding were correct? Imagine trying to set up a regulatory environment to achieve “safe” salt levels if there was a neurological trigger in the brain to get a different amount. When we prohibit alcohol and drugs, it doesn’t work, but at least it fails differently for different people.

(RT Instapundit.)

Back from the Doctor's

I really hate the “lipid panel.” For two years, mine has been wandering up and down, ranging anywhere from poor to bad. I’m gonna have to do something about that. Apparently the best thing for me to do would be to quit eating carbohydrates entirely.

On the upside, Doc Jaypee told me that glucosamine isn’t just a quack nutritional-supplement, but that it might actually help with my bad knee. I’ll have to give that a try.