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Roman Shoe

I always assumed they wore sandals. Fashionable 2,000-Year-Old Roman Shoe Found in a Well. “If you think the Italians have mastered the craft of making shoes, well, they don’t have much on their ancestors.” I didn’t realize that the Romans … Continue reading

15. July 2016 by luke
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Ten Years

Ten years ago this month, I quit my job in order to go to seminary. Here’s what I used to work on: My job was to figure out how to avoid paying to fix them when they weren’t broken.

14. May 2013 by luke
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I really like this picture:

23. November 2012 by luke
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Back to the Future Day

Today is November 12. Sixty-seven years ago, at 10:04 pm, Saturday November 12, 1955, lightning struck the Hill Valley town clock tower. Bad for the tower, but good for Marty McFly, who used the 1.21 gigawatt burst to power him … Continue reading

12. November 2012 by luke
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Blast From the Past

I found this program called Cathode that does an incredible job of recreating the experience of writing code on a CRT display, ca. 1980–83. Many was the hour I logged on the Lear-Sigler ADM-3A — in those days time was … Continue reading

14. August 2012 by luke
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Godfather’s Pizza

Earlier this week, Politico posted an article about Godfather’s Pizza, presumably as a way to knock down Herman Cain. It was a sad little hit-piece, as you might expect. Cain hasn’t been at Godfather’s since the mid-90s, and even if … Continue reading

21. October 2011 by luke
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Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

This was my first computer: The 512 kB “Fat Mac.” With an ImageWriter, Microsoft Word and Multiplan (the predecessor of Excel), and MacPascal, it set me back about $2,500. That was 1985 money, so it would be somewhere around $5,000 … Continue reading

06. October 2011 by luke
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Reflections on Salary

My first job out of college paid an annual salary of S. (The actual amount S represents is unimportant.) For a brief period of time, that was more money than I could imagine. (We didn’t discuss money in my family, … Continue reading

02. July 2010 by luke
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Pssst! You’re Mortal!

Supposedly, when a conquering general returned to Rome and was given a triumph to celebrate his victory, a slave would ride with him in the chariot, holding a wreath above his head but whispering in his ear “Remember you are … Continue reading

21. June 2010 by luke
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The Lives of Others

I finished watching The Lives of Others. That makes two subtitled foreign films this century! Awesome. It’s the story of a secret policeman with the East German Stasi and a couple he is assigned to investigate. I’m no good at … Continue reading

04. March 2010 by luke
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