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installing eyeD3

I keep thinking I should learn the basics of Python programming. But I never seem to get around to it. Today I needed to know how to install a program written in Python, because Homebrew used to include eyeD3 and … Continue reading

02. January 2018 by luke
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The Senate and SCOTUS — A Modest Proposal

Since the nomination of Merrick Garland has been held up all year, and is at this point likely dead, President Trump may nominate as many as three (even 4?) Justices to the Supreme Court. The Senate, of course, must approve … Continue reading

09. November 2016 by luke
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Science and Faith

Acton: Christians should support markets and churches, NOT social democracy. Hear, hear! It never was a consensus. WUWT: Already 240 Published Papers In 2016 Alone Show the “97% Climate Consensus” Is A Fantasy Acton again: More than 100 Nobel Laureates … Continue reading

15. July 2016 by luke
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Moby Soundtrack as a Sleep Aid

If you’re one of the people who claim to have problems going to sleep, this guy Moby is the one who did the “Extreme Ways” song on the Jason Bourne soundtrack (The Bourne Legacy, which I liked). Apparently he also … Continue reading

08. June 2016 by luke
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Arctic Climate Change and Extinction

I can barely understand the abstract: The Arctic Ocean is undergoing rapid climatic changes including higher ocean temperatures, reduced sea ice, glacier and Greenland Ice Sheet melting, greater marine productivity, and altered carbon cycling. Until recently, the relationship between climate … Continue reading

22. January 2016 by luke
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An easy way to lie with data: use two Y-axes.

22. January 2016 by luke
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You and [his son, who’s a doctor] are very big into truth, truth, truth, yes, yes, yes. But denial – respect denial. It’s very important in the human architecture. It’s what we do when we can’t face what the world … Continue reading

15. January 2016 by luke
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The Solar System – to scale

A charming video created to help people visualize the solar system. It’s hopeless, but sometimes the attempt is worthwhile anyway: [vimeo 139407849 w=500 h=250] To Scale: The Solar System from Wylie Overstreet on Vimeo. (Cross-posted on my work blog.)

18. September 2015 by luke
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Of Course Democrats Deserve the Blame for What’s Happening in Baltimore. Yes. Next question.

01. May 2015 by luke
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Code from MSFT Visual Studio

A standalone programmer’s editor from Microsoft. And it’s cross-platform. And apparently it’s built on Google Chrome.

29. April 2015 by luke
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