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I’ve always found CSS all but impossible to debug, so I use as little of it as possible. Here’s a tool that can help: csscss.

I’m so out of touch with media formats, I was still using ffmpeg instead of avconv. If you’re a clueless n00b like me, there are tools that just do it for you. One of them is FF Multi Converter.

This is just insanely cool. Watch the video and make a HyperLapse.

For the past several years, I’ve been developing and using (and developing some more) my own digital photography workflow and it kind of stinks. I’m intrigued by the idea of replacing it with something like Darktable. (Kudus: iLoveUbuntu.)

Years ago, I wrote part of what became Smaart. The part I liked best was the audio spectrogram feature. Today, I see there’s Spek, but it appears not to have the feature I was so pleased with myself for putting in Smaart. It makes me wonder if I could actually, for the first time in 2 decades, make a useful contribution to an FOSS project.

And finally, as a treat, watch this interview with Margaret Thatcher that Ann Althouse posted:

This Blog Used to Be Somewhere Else

This blog used to be at But this is my hobby/personal blog, and that domain is where I keep my professional stuff–like my professional blog (“mess of pottage”). So this one had to come here.

I know. It’s incredibly rude to move a blog. It basically tells the entire world, “Don’t link me because my links vanish.” But since I didn’t have any readers before, what are the odds that they created any links to my content that has now been moved out from under them? And now, I’ve alienated anyone who might have been thinking about doing it in the future. Problem solved!

However, since I was destroying all my permalinks anyway, I took the opportunity to change them to a more readable format, et viola.

This is post number 512.

That’s a cool number, because it’s 29. In hex, it’s 200 (traditionally written 0x200, or 200H for old-school 8080 assembly programmers). Inn octal it’s 1000 (or, traditionally, 01000). In binary it’s 100000.

(After I noticed that, I was of a mind to wait until 01-10-10 to publish it.)

Update: it’s actually not number 512. WordPress is counting something (edits? comments?) rather than individual postings?

DSL trouble resolved?

Sorry not to be updating this blog more. Partly it’s that I’ve been terribly busy the last two months (it’s sort of the busy season at work). And partly it’s because of microblogs like twitter and time-wasting walled-gardens like Facebook. But mainly, it’s been because of my DSL, which has been horribly unreliable.

I dare to think that it might have been resolved now.
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My Letter to John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

Thank you so much for your service to America. I would have preferred you had won, but I appreciated your honorable (and patriotic) concession.

I have one further request from you: please defend your running mate from the scurrilous attacks being made on her by members of your campaign staff. She deserves better.

Thank you.

Kudus to Treacher, who links to the McCain feedback page found here.