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Moby Soundtrack as a Sleep Aid

If you’re one of the people who claim to have problems going to sleep, this guy Moby is the one who did the “Extreme Ways” song on the Jason Bourne soundtrack (The Bourne Legacy, which I liked). Apparently he also has trouble sleeping. H/T Open Culture.

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All About that Baste

H/T: Ed Stetzer

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Gravity Song

The soundtrack songs make all the difference, in this series of treatments of movie Gravity.

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Sara Bareilles’ Brave

I recently discovered Sara Bareilles. (Yes, I know, she’s been around awhile. I’m always late to the Cool Party.) She’s the awesome. This is “Brave” from her new album The Blessed Unrest. I like the music, but I especially like the lyrics. Everybody’s been there, Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy Fallen for the […]

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Newsboys at Fusion 2013

We saw the Newsboys last night. They were performing at the “Fusion 2013” event at the Anchorage Baptist Temple (the only church I’ve ever seen with a disco ball). Here’s a shot from the show. Judging from the number of people holding up phones (and iPads!) to record whole songs, you should be able to […]

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Was It 2012 or 2112?

File this under Signs of the (Mayan?) Apocalypse: Rush Featured on NPR. Wow. I recently saw Rush play a show in Atlanta. The crowd ranged in age from five to the mid-fifties, embracing both lank-haired teenage skateboarders and heart surgeons. And when the band launched into its ode to suburban anomie, “Subdivisions,” everyone got it. […]

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Neil Peart Interview

Interesting (but brief) interview with Neil Peart about Clockwork Angels and other topics. …I’m less comfortable in a gregarious social situation, and you can be introverted and still share everything. It just means that you’re guarded. Certainly there is a line that seems perfectly clear to me about what’s to be shared and what isn’t, […]

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Moving CDs

Empirical evidence suggests that a typical CD jewel case weighs between 3.0 oz and 3 1/8 oz. Let’s call it 3.1 oz. I have to ship about 864 of them to Alaska. That means I’m shipping 164 lbs. of jewel cases. Alternatively, I can move the CDs to binder cases like these: Each of them […]

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Top Music in 2011

Looking at iTunes, I see my top song this year was “40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I listened to it 137 times. A few of those must have been in 2010, since I bought it that October, but there’s no question it was one of my favorites this year. (Sadly, […]

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The Goodbye Look

Well. Here’s something different: Mel Torme covering Donald Fagen’s “The Goodbye Look“: That’s my second-favorite track on, The Nightfly, one of my all-time favorite albums. My favorite track is “Walk Between Raindrops.” If you don’t like it, well, you’re a loser, I’m sorry. And if you do like it, try Kamakiriad, Fagen’s next solo album, […]

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