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The Senate and SCOTUS — A Modest Proposal

Since the nomination of Merrick Garland has been held up all year, and is at this point likely dead, President Trump may nominate as many as three (even 4?) Justices to the Supreme Court. The Senate, of course, must approve those nominations. Historically, this would have been subject to a 60-vote requirement to overcome any […]

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Of Course Democrats Deserve the Blame for What’s Happening in Baltimore. Yes. Next question.

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Jury Nullification in Washington DC

I bet it does: Billboard advocating jury nullification concerns local prosecutors. “People are going to jail for weed,” Babb said. “Things are getting so weird. There needs to be this final safeguard to protect us from a tyrannical government.” The story also includes this: “In New York last year, an 80-year-old man was charged with […]

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Problems with ObamaCare

Quite apart from the wisdom of interfering with great swaths of the economy to create new entitlements, there is the practical matter of making it work. And that’s proving to be a problem for people working on the Obamacare web site at The better way to do things is a school of software development […]

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Last Frontier for Obamacare Exchange

A week ago I asked prospective Democrat candidate for governor Hollis French if he, as governor, would enter Alaska in the new Medicaid program. He replied, “Absolutely, yes.” (The argument he made is depressingly common among the people here: you spend $28M and the Federal government gives you a $1000M bridge to nowhere.) So Hollis […]

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Margaret Thatcher, RIP

I’m sorry to learn of Margaret Thatcher’s death. But these quotes of hers made me smile again. Here are two: ‘I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.’ ‘To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukaemia with leeches.’ I always used to enjoy watching Question […]

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Tab Sweep

Walter Russell Mead talks about liberalism 5.0. Mead is always worth reading, but I’m more interested in the death of liberalism 4.0 than in what follows it. Enjoy every small victory, because it is temporary. Dave Barry once said that no truly stupid idea ever dies: they keep coming back, like horror-movie zombies, to eat […]

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“Right Turn” Rubin Illustrates the Gulf Between the Establishment GOP and the Conservative Base

This is a prime example of why I think Jennifer Rubin is such a tool: DeMint has been a destructive force, threatening to primary colleagues, resisting all deals and offering very little in the way of attainable legislation. He has contributed more than any current senator to the dysfunction of that body. Really. More than […]

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I really like this picture:

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How to Survive Thanksgiving at Your Liberal Relatives’

How to survive Thanksgiving at your liberal relatives’ house: “Why don’t you come to our place next year. Seeing as how your taxes are going up in a few weeks, it’s only fair.” “Sorry I parked you in. Oh, darn, I drove the Chevy Volt today. You wouldn’t have an extension cord, would you?” Smirk. […]

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