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Science and Faith

Acton: Christians should support markets and churches, NOT social democracy. Hear, hear! It never was a consensus. WUWT: Already 240 Published Papers In 2016 Alone Show the “97% Climate Consensus” Is A Fantasy Acton again: More than 100 Nobel Laureates Plead with Greenpeace to Drop Opposition to GMOs

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Arctic Climate Change and Extinction

I can barely understand the abstract: The Arctic Ocean is undergoing rapid climatic changes including higher ocean temperatures, reduced sea ice, glacier and Greenland Ice Sheet melting, greater marine productivity, and altered carbon cycling. Until recently, the relationship between climate and Arctic biological systems was poorly known, but this has changed substantially as advances in […]

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An easy way to lie with data: use two Y-axes.

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You and [his son, who’s a doctor] are very big into truth, truth, truth, yes, yes, yes. But denial – respect denial. It’s very important in the human architecture. It’s what we do when we can’t face what the world throws at us. It’s what helps us get up in the morning, until enough mornings […]

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The Solar System – to scale

A charming video created to help people visualize the solar system. It’s hopeless, but sometimes the attempt is worthwhile anyway: [vimeo 139407849 w=500 h=250] To Scale: The Solar System from Wylie Overstreet on Vimeo. (Cross-posted on my work blog.)

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Another Drake Equation component

Gamma Ray Bursts may be limiting the evolution of life. Because of them, only 10% of galaxies, and only the outskirts of those, are hospitable to life.

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Zubrin: Mars the Hard Way

Bob Zubrin’s not enamored with NASA’s Mars proposal: The kindest thing that can be said about this quintuple rendezvous plan is that it is probably the unplanned product of the pathology of bureaucracy, rather than the willful madness of any individual. For a fifth of its cost, NASA could fly five simple direct sample return […]

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Apollo 11-era MOCR Explained

I’ve been meaning to post this: it’s a discussion of each position in the Apollo-11 era Mission Control room at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Lots of pictures.

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I love this: a 15-year old kid comes up with a new way of detecting pancreatic cancer. It’s “90% accurate, 400 times more sensitive, and 26,000 times less expensive than existing methods.” Way to go: Make via Carpe Diem.

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Fifth Moon of Pluto

They say that Pluto isn’t a planet any more, but I’m not convinced. (If you come from New Mexico, that would be treason.) As may be. Whatever it is, Pluto’s got moons. I knew about Charon, but now they’ve discovered another one.

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