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Things I Did After Installing 17.04

Here in one place is my list of things to do after installing a new operating system. $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt upgrade $ sudo apt install ssh Then try to ssh into the computer. If needed, apply the fix to Zeroconf / Avahi / NSSwitch.conf. Next: $ sudo apt install git $ […]

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The Most Useful GIF ever

(Kudus: Frank Luntz on Twitter)

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Freakonomics: The Economics of Sleep, part 1 (part 2 here). Plus (ahem) previously.

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Odds ‘n’ Ends

MIT Tech Review: Your brain limits you to just five BFF’s. Dunbar’s number isn’t just one number. There’s a Zinc flash at the moment of conception. New State of Water Molecule Discovered. Quantum tunneling!!! NPR: 40 Years On, the Genius of 2112. ExJon: Shun the Crowd, Embrace the Remnant Acton: Bruce Wayne, Capitalist Superhero: […]

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Just Odds (no Ends today)

Luna thought that Ron might suffer from a variety of this problem. Awe-inspiring: a type II-P supernova caught in mid-burst. The explosion takes months, then hours, then no time at all. (Kind of like Hemingway’s character’s bankruptcy.) An MIT course in how to make your own videos to publish on YouTube. (Ignore the headline.) Finally, a beautiful video of […]

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You and [his son, who’s a doctor] are very big into truth, truth, truth, yes, yes, yes. But denial – respect denial. It’s very important in the human architecture. It’s what we do when we can’t face what the world throws at us. It’s what helps us get up in the morning, until enough mornings […]

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Dave Winer says we should do more short-form blogging. Why should we give it all to Twitter?

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Hey, is that Skim Milk?

My daughter has started drinking skim milk, which means the rest of us have to check the label to make sure we get the right jug from the fridge. Imagine if we looked at the label and it read “Non-Grade ‘A’ Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed.” It turns out that if you make skim […]

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DNS and DHCP blues

I’m trying to get my network running. For some reason, DNS queries are taking forever. I checked the settings in my router (an Asus WL-520GU) and I’m using the Google public DNS settings there, but they aren’t getting through to the clients. I can only guess that DHCP isn’t reporting them properly, or some other […]

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Letter to a College Kid

Greg Gutfeld FTW. Why isn’t he on TV at a reasonable hour? H/T the Perfersser.

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