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Microsoft Keyboard Blues

I foolishly installed the Intellipoint drivers for my Microsoft Keyboard 4000, and have been frustrated ever since. I assume it’s because it’s a Microsoft product on a Mac. Anyway. This is the solution. First, uninstall the Microsoft drivers as described … Continue reading

20. March 2015 by luke
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Linux to the Rescue (Again)

My secretary’s machine blue-screened a couple of days ago with a STOP 24 message, which tells you (or rather, doesn’t tell you) that either the disk or the filesystem is broken. Fortunately(!) we’d just gone through a couple of weeks … Continue reading

30. April 2010 by luke
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Blue Screens

Man, I’m sick of Windows. The secretary’s machine at church got infected with something a couple of weeks ago. I was only able to get rid of it by reinstalling Windows. I got an antivirus solution set-up and spent, well, … Continue reading

15. April 2010 by luke
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Reinstalling Vista

I managed to find a buyer for my Inspiron 1525 laptop. (No thanks to eBay and the Nigerian crooks who have made it useless for selling computers.) But then my buyer tried to install software on it. And he ran … Continue reading

05. August 2009 by luke
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Selling my laptop, continued…

In preparation for selling the laptop, I wiped the disk and reinstalled Vista. And, you know what? Vista is halfway pretty. Maybe it only feels that way because I was getting rid of Ubuntu Linux. But, honestly, doesn’t this look … Continue reading

24. June 2009 by luke
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I bought another PC…

And worst of all, it’s got Hasta La. That’s actually the reason I got it. There’s something I need to do. It requires either a couple of weeks of my spare time to get it working on a Mac or … Continue reading

19. March 2009 by luke
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