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Mini Magick

I just discovered MiniMagick. It is exactly what I was looking for in a ruby-language wrapper for ImageMagick. I’ve been using ImageMagick forever. Like, more than 20 years foreer. Maybe 30 years;  I don’t know when it was first developed, … Continue reading

03. November 2017 by luke
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Nightmare Climber

We went to the AK Zoo for Father’s Day. Can you guess what this charming fellow is? That’s right. It’s a climbing porcupine. Did you know they could climb? And with those teeth, do you think there’s anything in your … Continue reading

16. June 2014 by luke
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New Camera

So I bought the Canon SX50 HS. I’ve got a lot of pictures on Flickr, so I’ll just embed this one: It’s a spruce tree in my driveway, and I was standing about 50 feet from the bough you see … Continue reading

23. April 2013 by luke
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Camera Shopping

I’m shopping for a new camera. My trusty Canon Powershot A620 still works, but it is literally falling apart and can’t be trusted as my primary camera any more. So I’m shopping. I’ve given some serious consideration to the Fujifilm … Continue reading

15. April 2013 by luke
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Monsoon Panorama

Microsoft has a free iOS app called PhotoSynth that stitches photos together into a panorama. It does a pretty good job. Here’s an example: That’s cropped and slightly color-corrected. The original looks like this. We see clouds like that during … Continue reading

08. July 2011 by luke
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Anyone have a Hi-8 camcorder?

Does anyone has a Hi-8 camcorder I could borrow? I’ve got some old tapes I’d like to convert to DVD. Our Hi-8 camcorder is busted, so there’s no way to play the tapes back, and that’s step one of any … Continue reading

07. June 2010 by luke
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Colorful Car Update

The other day, I pointed out a beautiful chartreuse Dodge Charger/Daytona at the hospital. It turns out there’s something in the water at the hospital that makes the staff pick wild colors for their cars. Here’s that same car again, … Continue reading

01. June 2010 by luke
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The Future is Now

I live in the future. I’m posting from my car. Cool. Here is the GPS telling me how fast I’m going.

11. January 2010 by luke
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Why is Scanning So Crappy?

Lileks recounts the fun of getting a new scanner for Christmas. There’s really nothing new or novel about it though (except that he took time to make screen captures of all the dialog boxes, so he could mock them). The … Continue reading

28. December 2009 by luke
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Programming Day

Since we finished Latin, my Mondays are pretty much free time for me. I spent yesterday writing some code. (I even wrote unit tests and put my changes under source control.)

09. June 2009 by luke
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