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Nightmare Climber

We went to the AK Zoo for Father’s Day. Can you guess what this charming fellow is? That’s right. It’s a climbing porcupine. Did you know they could climb? And with those teeth, do you think there’s anything in your … Continue reading

16. June 2014 by luke
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Nature’s Bounty

We’re about 80% of the way done with the extreme pruning project for the oleanders that ring our backyard. We never did find a store that sells Ladybugs’n’Stuff, but we did find one that sells Aphid-Be-Dead in great quantities. That … Continue reading

25. June 2011 by luke
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I haven’t blogged lately. (No duh.) Christmas is a busy time for a preacher-man, and January’s busy for a Presbyterian. Plus, I had a vacation in there, too. But I’m back now, and I thought I’d mention my latest TV … Continue reading

21. January 2011 by luke
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Google Refine

A while ago, Google bought the company that made Freebase, a tool for making sense of messy data. Earlier this week, they released a 2.0 version of that software, now renamed Google Refine. Watch the videos to see what that … Continue reading

13. November 2010 by luke
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I’ve been looking for some TV-on-DVD to watch while I exercise, and a couple of weeks ago I hit on the series “Chuck.” Initially, I only watched it to see what Adam Baldwin (a/k/a Jayne “I’ll be in my bunk” … Continue reading

22. September 2010 by luke
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Olmstead Point and Tanaya Lake

One final vacation photo: looking down on Tanaya Lake from Olmstead Point. If facing this way is 12 o’clock, then Half Dome (the non-iconic side) is about 4:30.

02. September 2010 by luke
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I had a chance to see an actual in-the-theater movie today, so I went to see Inception. I thought it was pretty good, in a the-dream-is-reality Matrix-y kind of way. I was kind of shocked to see that movie tickets … Continue reading

21. July 2010 by luke
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Anyone have a Hi-8 camcorder?

Does anyone has a Hi-8 camcorder I could borrow? I’ve got some old tapes I’d like to convert to DVD. Our Hi-8 camcorder is busted, so there’s no way to play the tapes back, and that’s step one of any … Continue reading

07. June 2010 by luke
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City Pool

I left work early today, because my wife was taking the kids to the public pool for the last day of summer. But when I got there, it was closed. When I got home, I asked WTF and she told … Continue reading

21. August 2009 by luke
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