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App Store Perils

Despite its undeniable convenience, I dislike Apple’s “App Store” for several reasons. The first is that Apple uses it to make developers dance to whatever tune Apple is playing that day. (This is part of their general philosophy of totalitarian … Continue reading

10. May 2018 by luke
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Apple Sucks (Part 33,704 in a series)

A year ago, I wouldn’t have guessed that they could make iTunes worse. But they did. They took out useful things (like managing the apps with a mouse rather than a fingertip, and managing the order of screens). To be … Continue reading

17. April 2018 by luke
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Pandoc for Word Document conversion

I just discovered pandoc. Well, I first bookmarked it in 2008, and again in 2016, so I guess I rediscovered it. But what I mean is that I finally discovered what to use it for: converting Word files to Markdown. … Continue reading

03. November 2017 by luke
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I wouldn’t take it gift-wrapped

Office 2016 for Mac now available as stand-alone software. I’ve been exposed to Office 2013/Windows, and to get anything done, I have to use Office 2011 on my Mac. I wouldn’t even install Office 2016 on my Mac for $100 … Continue reading

25. September 2015 by luke
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Drawing Software for Windows

Serif is still making software. I got a copy of their drawing program back in 1992. I used to like Xara too, but their Windows line is so fragmented I wouldn’t know what to buy anymore. I’m not sure what … Continue reading

18. May 2015 by luke
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Pages 5

Well, this sucks. This sucks too.

28. October 2013 by luke
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Software Update

In the mid-1990’s I worked for a telecommunications firm that was trying to make a set top box for interactive television. (This was even as the internet was exploding. Read Michael Lewis’ The Next Next Thing to find out what … Continue reading

21. December 2012 by luke
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Plus Ca Change

I got a new phone. It’s about a zillion times better than my previous one (column 3 vs. 6 in this chart). But it’s not powerful enough to keep Facebook from sucking:

21. November 2012 by luke
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I quit using Linux (except as a file server) almost 10 years ago, so I completely missed the Desktop wars. Apparently KDE and Gnome won, with Gnome winning the part of the Linuxphere known as Ubuntu. Which leads to all … Continue reading

18. November 2012 by luke
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Audio Editors

One of the things I do every week is turn a recording of my sermon for the week into a podcast. (Find them here and in these archives.) That’s a pretty complicated process, so some people just upload the audio … Continue reading

15. July 2012 by luke
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