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How to write thin science journalism

Ever wondered how to crank out shallow science journalism? In the Guardian‘s “Lay Scientist” column, Martin Robbins shows how it’s done: In this paragraph I will state the main claim that the research makes, making appropriate use of “scare quotes” … Continue reading

27. September 2010 by luke
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MacSpeech Dictate – a User's Review

I’ve been using MacSpeech Dictate for about half an hour, once or twice a week, since early spring. My experience is that it is great out of the box and has gotten better as I’ve learned to use it. The … Continue reading

15. June 2009 by luke
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iconv is the heat

I’ve been looking for a software tool that would convert foreign characters into a poor substitute. Call me Ugly McAmerican. I don’t care. My language has been worn down — I would say, “polished” — like a river rock to … Continue reading

09. February 2009 by luke
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Standup Desk at Church

I got rid of the behemoth. When I moved my day off from Friday to Monday, I still wrote my sermons on Friday, but no longer on my day off. As a result, I no longer wrote them at home. … Continue reading

30. September 2008 by luke
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