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Audio Editors

One of the things I do every week is turn a recording of my sermon for the week into a podcast. (Find them here and in these archives.) That’s a pretty complicated process, so some people just upload the audio … Continue reading

15. July 2012 by luke
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New Pixelmator Out

Well! I mentioned the other day that Pixelmator is my favorite photo editor, and when 2.0 comes out, it will be awesome. And now it has, and it’s, well, maybe awesome is too much, but it’s pretty nifty. Maybe someday … Continue reading

28. October 2011 by luke
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Nice Piece on Using Vim

I ran across this nice reflection on the vim editor by someone who switched 18 months ago. In my own case, it was about 18 years. I’d been an emacs user forever, and it was just killing me (carpal tunnel, … Continue reading

14. April 2011 by luke
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