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iMac configuration

I mentioned previously how I’ve rehabilitated the 10-year old iMac. Today, I’ve been setting up the software environment. First, I transferred my iTunes library over to the new computer. Then I installed some non-Safari browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Then I set up Homebrew, and after that, ruby: $ brew install openssl # various messages […]

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Setting Up Homebrew on my New Old Mac

I set up Homebrew on my iMac. (If you go to their site, the Homebrew project has documentation there, which explains the whole not-use-sudo philosophy and using /usr/local now that Apple makes it hard not to, but I don’t understand it, so it seems like an invitation to having your machine rooted. But I’m a greybeard and I quit […]

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More rbenv notes

My last post on rbenv mentioned some things you need to do to get ruby to build on Mountain Lion. Here are a few more things. This guy Jacob Swanner didn’t want to use either Xcode or gcc. He just used the Xcode command-line tools, with a CC environment variable, thus: $ CC=/usr/bin/clang rbenv install […]

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irb with readline on mac using rvm

On the Mac, irb doesn’t come with readline baked in. But you can fix that with $ rvm install 1.8.7 -C \ –enable-shared,–with-readline-dir=/opt/local Kudus: Plataformatec, who uses Homebrew and thus /usr/local rather than /opt/local.

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