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Software Update

In the mid-1990’s I worked for a telecommunications firm that was trying to make a set top box for interactive television. (This was even as the internet was exploding. Read Michael Lewis’ The Next Next Thing to find out what the “B Team” was working on.) One of the things I spent a lot of […]

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Tab Sweep

Here, with minimal comments, are some things I ran across on the internet that I thought were amusing or interesting. Depressed Darth: Stay on Target. Alternate History: What if “Star Wars Episode 1″ was good? Top voice talents: 5 Guys in a Limo. The Lives of Others. (I’ve seen this. A great movie. It’s my […]

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Brief Internet Outage

There’s no such thing as a brief internet outage! What did people do with their time 20 years ago? Ours lasted from sometime last night until late this evening, and it was caused by the stupid way our ISP does tech support. They aren’t bad, they just won’t be reasonable, unless you know the secret […]

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Twenty Years of Changing Everything

Appropos of my previous post: I see that today is the 20th anniversary of Sir Tim‘s initial proposal to build a new type of text transport protocol. I guess that turned out okay. Who’d have guessed then what kind of impact that would make? (H/T: vanderleun.)

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New Year's Inspiration

In this awesome piece, Bill Whittle nails both the severity of the crisis we are in, and the reasons we have to hope that all is not yet lost.

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