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Just Odds (no Ends today)

Luna thought that Ron might suffer from a variety of this problem. Awe-inspiring: a type II-P supernova caught in mid-burst. The explosion takes months, then hours, then no time at all. (Kind of like Hemingway’s character’s bankruptcy.) An MIT course in how to make your own videos to publish on YouTube. (Ignore the headline.) Finally, a beautiful video of […]

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Browncoat Vocabulary

About time! Someone’s put together a list of the top 15 Chinese expressions (“curses”) from the late, great TV series Firefly. My personal favorite: 喝畜生雜交的髒貨, which is from Shepherd Book (naturally). Via VodkaPundit.

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How CEOs Speak

In (of all things) a discussion of last night’s SOTU address, Megan McArdle describes listening to CEOs talk to financial analysts on earnings calls. I never used to do that; all the times I’ve heard CEOs talk to me it was because I was one of their underlings. But one thing certainly seems to be […]

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