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Just Odds (no Ends today)

Luna thought that Ron might suffer from a variety of this problem. Awe-inspiring: a type II-P supernova caught in mid-burst. The explosion takes months, then hours, then no time at all. (Kind of like Hemingway’s character’s bankruptcy.) An MIT course in how … Continue reading

23. March 2016 by luke
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Browncoat Vocabulary

About time! Someone’s put together a list of the top 15 Chinese expressions (“curses”) from the late, great TV series Firefly. My personal favorite: 喝畜生雜交的髒貨, which is from Shepherd Book (naturally). Via VodkaPundit.

16. January 2012 by luke
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How CEOs Speak

In (of all things) a discussion of last night’s SOTU address, Megan McArdle describes listening to CEOs talk to financial analysts on earnings calls. I never used to do that; all the times I’ve heard CEOs talk to me it … Continue reading

26. January 2011 by luke
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