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Odds ‘n’ Ends

MIT Tech Review: Your brain limits you to just five BFF’s. Dunbar’s number isn’t just one number. There’s a Zinc flash at the moment of conception. Phys.org: New State of Water Molecule Discovered. Quantum tunneling!!! NPR: 40 Years On, the Genius of 2112. ExJon: Shun the Crowd, Embrace the Remnant Acton: Bruce Wayne, Capitalist Superhero: […]

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Tech Links

OOPS. I periodically publish a tab sweep. Sometimes (like now) I draft and forget to publish it. This post should have been published in mid-June. MuPDF is a better PDF reader because it opens large PDFs faster than evince. Geeqie is an image viewer that offers side-by-side comparisons of images. Apple announces Swift 2 with […]

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