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Pandoc for Word Document conversion

I just discovered pandoc. Well, I first bookmarked it in 2008, and again in 2016, so I guess I rediscovered it. But what I mean is that I finally discovered what to use it for: converting Word files to Markdown. … Continue reading

03. November 2017 by luke
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I wouldn’t take it gift-wrapped

Office 2016 for Mac now available as stand-alone software. I’ve been exposed to Office 2013/Windows, and to get anything done, I have to use Office 2011 on my Mac. I wouldn’t even install Office 2016 on my Mac for $100 … Continue reading

25. September 2015 by luke
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Code from MSFT Visual Studio

A standalone programmer’s editor from Microsoft. And it’s cross-platform. And apparently it’s built on Google Chrome.

29. April 2015 by luke
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Microsoft Keyboard Blues

I foolishly installed the Intellipoint drivers for my Microsoft Keyboard 4000, and have been frustrated ever since. I assume it’s because it’s a Microsoft product on a Mac. Anyway. This is the solution. First, uninstall the Microsoft drivers as described … Continue reading

20. March 2015 by luke
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Black Friday – Mac Office 2011

I’ve been trying to decide whether to upgrade my old copy of Office. The problem with Office is that I only use Word. I’ve pretty much switched from Excel to Numbers, and Keynote is so good that it’s been years … Continue reading

19. November 2010 by luke
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Fun Eddie Still Having Fun

Well. I lost track of Ed Fries in about 1989, when he was still doing Officey-things at Microsoft, before his move to the games division. He did that for 15 years or so, and then, after he made his pile, … Continue reading

02. August 2010 by luke
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