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The Senate and SCOTUS — A Modest Proposal

Since the nomination of Merrick Garland has been held up all year, and is at this point likely dead, President Trump may nominate as many as three (even 4?) Justices to the Supreme Court. The Senate, of course, must approve … Continue reading

09. November 2016 by luke
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How to Survive Thanksgiving at Your Liberal Relatives’

How to survive Thanksgiving at your liberal relatives’ house: “Why don’t you come to our place next year. Seeing as how your taxes are going up in a few weeks, it’s only fair.” “Sorry I parked you in. Oh, darn, … Continue reading

18. November 2012 by luke
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Help! I’m bein’ REPRESSED!

Most of the faculty and staff at Princeton University who donated to a presidential candidate donated to Bronco Bama. By “most” I mean “all but two.” I know, ho-hum, so what? It is, after all, the school that employs Peter … Continue reading

16. November 2012 by luke
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Now what?

Okay. Lady parts are safe now. And, now that he’s lost, Mitt Romney’s a statesman and not Jack the Ripper any longer. Who knows, maybe he’ll get a cabinet post, like Huntsman before him. Failing that, maybe an ambassador. (“Anywhere … Continue reading

06. November 2012 by luke
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From the “It Sucks to Be Us” Dept.: The recent census report shows that despite (extremely slow) increases in national GDP and employment, inflation-adjusted household income—an indicator with far more impact on the lives of most Americans—has been dropping since … Continue reading

14. September 2012 by luke
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Do It to Julia

The Obama campaign introduced a new message showing how Obama policies—interestingly, they’re calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” now—have benefitted an everywoman they call “Julia.” Good luck finding it on the website. Julia seems to have been disappeared, probably because … Continue reading

07. May 2012 by luke
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Sarah Palin on Crony Capitalism

I was delighted to read Sarah Palin’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. This piece deals with the topic of Crony Capitalism, which she also addressed in her September 3 Iowa speech: … They talk endlessly about cutting government spending, … Continue reading

18. November 2011 by luke
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Godfather’s Pizza

Earlier this week, Politico posted an article about Godfather’s Pizza, presumably as a way to knock down Herman Cain. It was a sad little hit-piece, as you might expect. Cain hasn’t been at Godfather’s since the mid-90s, and even if … Continue reading

21. October 2011 by luke
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Palin piece in NY Times Magazine

I found the NY Times Magazine profile of Sarah Palin pretty interesting. Here’s one of the reasons: In truth, few are underestimating Sarah Palin anymore. In that endearing manner of the Beltway echo chamber, the prevailing narrative of Palin in … Continue reading

17. November 2010 by luke
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New Year's Inspiration

In this awesome piece, Bill Whittle nails both the severity of the crisis we are in, and the reasons we have to hope that all is not yet lost.

04. January 2010 by luke
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