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iMac configuration

I mentioned previously how I’ve rehabilitated the 10-year old iMac. Today, I’ve been setting up the software environment. First, I transferred my iTunes library over to the new computer. Then I installed some non-Safari browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Then I set up Homebrew, and after that, ruby: $ brew install openssl # various messages […]

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Things I Did After Installing 17.04

Here in one place is my list of things to do after installing a new operating system. $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt upgrade $ sudo apt install ssh Then try to ssh into the computer. If needed, apply the fix to Zeroconf / Avahi / NSSwitch.conf. Next: $ sudo apt install git $ […]

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Tech Links

LinuxUser (UK): Create a NAS box from spare parts. Ars: Intel’s Broadwell mini-PC. I love the form factor. But then, I’ve owned three Mac Minis. I keep thinking I should learn the R language. Of course, I used to think that about GnuPlot. HowToForge: Installing¬†Git and Using GitHub on Ubuntu. GSoC: SciRuby. There’s a program […]

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rbenv notes

I used to use rvm to manage my ruby environment, but the latest hotness seems to be rbenv. Here are some tips about using it. They’re aimed at me, because by the next time I need to use it, I’ll have forgotten. But you can read them too: One of the things you want is […]

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Ruby and Mac OS X Lion

When Apple switched from GCC to LLVM in Xcode 4.2, they made it significantly more difficult for me to run ruby 1.9.2. (What are the odds this will get easier with Mountain Lion?) I was using rbenv and its rbenv-build plugin to install ruby 1.9.2 and it told me this: $ rbenv install 1.9.2-p320 ERROR: […]

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Ruby 1.9 – Current Directory Not in RUBYLIB by default

For the most part, moving to Ruby 1.9 was pretty simple (apart from the FasterCSV issue). Today I stumbled on another problem, though: the current directory isn’t in your RUBYLIB path by default. Well.

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Nice Piece on Using Vim

I ran across this nice reflection on the vim editor by someone who switched 18 months ago. In my own case, it was about 18 years. I’d been an emacs user forever, and it was just killing me (carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and who-knows-what). So I made the switch to vi (and, soon enough, vim). […]

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irb with readline

I might have posted too soon yesterday. My irb incorporates readline now, but it appears to honor only emacs keybindings. Bummer, huh? I used to be an emacs user, so I can get by for now, but I’d really like to figure out how to get vi keybindings.

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irb with readline on mac using rvm

On the Mac, irb doesn’t come with readline baked in. But you can fix that with $ rvm install 1.8.7 -C \ –enable-shared,–with-readline-dir=/opt/local Kudus: Plataformatec, who uses Homebrew and thus /usr/local rather than /opt/local.

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Google Refine

A while ago, Google bought the company that made Freebase, a tool for making sense of messy data. Earlier this week, they released a 2.0 version of that software, now renamed Google Refine. Watch the videos to see what that does. This looks pretty darned impressive. For great chunks of my career, I’ve been doing […]

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