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Science and Faith

Acton: Christians should support markets and churches, NOT social democracy. Hear, hear! It never was a consensus. WUWT: Already 240 Published Papers In 2016 Alone Show the “97% Climate Consensus” Is A Fantasy Acton again: More than 100 Nobel Laureates … Continue reading

15. July 2016 by luke
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Just Odds (no Ends today)

Luna thought that Ron might suffer from a variety of this problem. Awe-inspiring: a type II-P supernova caught in mid-burst. The explosion takes months, then hours, then no time at all. (Kind of like Hemingway’s character’s bankruptcy.) An MIT course in how … Continue reading

23. March 2016 by luke
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Arctic Climate Change and Extinction

I can barely understand the abstract: The Arctic Ocean is undergoing rapid climatic changes including higher ocean temperatures, reduced sea ice, glacier and Greenland Ice Sheet melting, greater marine productivity, and altered carbon cycling. Until recently, the relationship between climate … Continue reading

22. January 2016 by luke
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The Solar System – to scale

A charming video created to help people visualize the solar system. It’s hopeless, but sometimes the attempt is worthwhile anyway: [vimeo 139407849 w=500 h=250] To Scale: The Solar System from Wylie Overstreet on Vimeo. (Cross-posted on my work blog.)

18. September 2015 by luke
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The state bird of Alaska, profiled in the Alaska Dispatch News: there are about 17.5 trillion of them. Read the whole article to find the answer to the question: Is the biomass of mosquitoes on the North Slope larger than … Continue reading

16. May 2015 by luke
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Another Drake Equation component

Gamma Ray Bursts may be limiting the evolution of life. Because of them, only 10% of galaxies, and only the outskirts of those, are hospitable to life.

10. February 2015 by luke
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Earthquake Map of Anchorage

Here’s an interesting map, showing where the areas of Anchorage most susceptible to seismic activity are located. (I live in one of the green areas, yay!) (Via Twitter, like so many good things online.)

15. February 2014 by luke
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Tab Sweep

Walter Russell Mead talks about liberalism 5.0. Mead is always worth reading, but I’m more interested in the death of liberalism 4.0 than in what follows it. Enjoy every small victory, because it is temporary. Dave Barry once said that … Continue reading

22. January 2013 by luke
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Zubrin: Mars the Hard Way

Bob Zubrin’s not enamored with NASA’s Mars proposal: The kindest thing that can be said about this quintuple rendezvous plan is that it is probably the unplanned product of the pathology of bureaucracy, rather than the willful madness of any … Continue reading

05. December 2012 by luke
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Apollo 11-era MOCR Explained

I’ve been meaning to post this: it’s a discussion of each position in the Apollo-11 era Mission Control room at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Lots of pictures.

23. November 2012 by luke
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