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Ubuntu 18.04LTS on the HP boat anchor

Some time ago, we bought three HP laptops. One had a failure we were never able to resolve, and another was replaced by an ASUS desktop. The last was decommissioned back in January. So I decided to try installing the … Continue reading

27. April 2018 by luke
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Clobbering my Dual-Boot Laptop

I clobbered my dual-boot laptop. I ought to have clobbered it long ago, so it was uni-boot Linux, but that whole secure-boot UEFI firmware business scared me too much to do that without knowing more, and who has time to … Continue reading

11. January 2018 by luke
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Windows, BIOS, and UEFI — Adios!

I had some trouble with the laptop (an HP x360 13-A113CL) upgrading to Ubuntu 17.04. But something I did along the way gave the Windows an opening to screw me up, and it did. (I have Windows waiting to screw … Continue reading

28. April 2017 by luke
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Ubuntu Tips

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.10 from Ubuntu 14.04. Or, how to get an ISO if that’s your preferred way. What to do when you finish upgrading to 14.10. How to watch YouTube on your Ubuntu machine. Normally, I run … Continue reading

12. November 2014 by luke
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