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Ubuntu 18.04LTS on the HP boat anchor

Some time ago, we bought three HP laptops. One had a failure we were never able to resolve, and another was replaced by an ASUS desktop. The last was decommissioned back in January. So I decided to try installing the … Continue reading

27. April 2018 by luke
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Windows, BIOS, and UEFI — Adios!

I had some trouble with the laptop (an HP x360 13-A113CL) upgrading to Ubuntu 17.04. But something I did along the way gave the Windows an opening to screw me up, and it did. (I have Windows waiting to screw … Continue reading

28. April 2017 by luke
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I wouldn’t take it gift-wrapped

Office 2016 for Mac now available as stand-alone software. I’ve been exposed to Office 2013/Windows, and to get anything done, I have to use Office 2011 on my Mac. I wouldn’t even install Office 2016 on my Mac for $100 … Continue reading

25. September 2015 by luke
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Windows PC Start-up List

Download a copy of PC-Decrapifier (or Decrap) and Should I Remove It. (You’ll need to get other things from Ninite (below) but start by getting Revo Uninstaller in case you’re having trouble decrapifying something.) Product Key Finder by Magical Jellybean. … Continue reading

01. May 2015 by luke
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Tech Tab Sweep

It’s time to upgrade your Ubuntu machines. 8 things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04. One of the items is to add a tweak tool, which reminded me of Unsettings. I’m working on a similar list for Windows, except (a) … Continue reading

29. April 2015 by luke
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I love ninite.com for helping windows users get their computers sorted. I recommend it a lot and I wanted a screenshot I could point people to, so this is it.

21. February 2014 by luke
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Command Line Interfaces of the Future

This cracks me up: the Windows 8 server is going to nudge, and eventually force, administrators to give up their point-and-click interfaces in favor of something a little more up-to-date. (I could have told you they’d eventually wind up here, … Continue reading

13. January 2012 by luke
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