Monthly Archives: January 2005

Soda vs. Pop

I grew up using the word “coke” as a generic term meaning “carbonated soft drink.” From this map you can tell what part of the country I grew up in.

In other old news, I should mention this anagram generator. In no time at all I found out that I could use SLEEK JUNO and LO! SEE JUNK as aliases, and
that “soda versus pop” could be rearranged to spell A DOPE SO RSVP US.

Calvin and Science

Light blogging today because I’m working on a term paper in my Calvin class. I’m trying to insinuate that Calvin’s theology somehow was more conducive to scientific investigation than your run-of-the-mill loser Protestant Reformers.

I have discovered that the version of Calvin’s commentaries in the library (i.e., a couple of miles from where I’m working) are the same as the ones online at

While you’re there, see how many of their recommended works you’ve read.