Month: March 2005

  • The Woman at the Well, retold

    Here is a nice (and I think fair) retelling of the story of the Woman at the Well, translated into modern idiom.

  • quality isn’t job one somewhere!

    I have a GM mini-van that needs a fortune in repair work. I go online to see what’s up with this problem and find out it’s all over the place (note items 25 and 78). GM built a zillion cars with the 3.4L V-6 engine and they have a defective part. The amazing thing is […]

  • VOIP ‘n’ stuff

    This Kerry Garrison tells how to build a full-featured PBX for less than $20 using rubber bands and other things you already have laying around the house. There is also a nice list of free office software. I noticed this Ultra@VNC because I keep telling myself that I need to use VNC, since there is […]

  • don’t wait until laundry day

    The mint is finally starting to get to the interesting states. Go there to find out what quarters are coming out and to decide whether to bother with them.

  • ruby or java?

    Decisions, decisions. I’m trying to write a small program to help my son learn to do subtraction. (His problem–today–is borrowing, which these days is called “regrouping.”) It is a trivial sort of GUI program and I’m trying to decide whether to learn Java UI programming with Swing, or Ruby/Tk. Swing has the advantage of including […]

  • Pope on Blogs

    The pope has an apostolic letter to those responsible for communications, which in the internet age, is practically anyone.