Monthly Archives: November 2005

Mac OS X apps I’m looking at

I’d like to find a decent outliner for the Mac. I’ve already found an outstanding outliner, but it’s not free. In fact, it’s a little pricey for a starving seminarian. But what I really don’t like is the way they want to squeeze every penny out of the transaction. You can run it on multiple machines, or multiple users, but not both. So I can’t have it on both my laptop and the eMac at home in such a way that my son and I can both use it, without buying multiple licenses. Nuts to that. (Probably. I may give in because so far I haven’t found anything better.)

I’ve also been looking for a Todo-list manager that’s better than the bolt-on feature of iCal, which is what you get by default. I don’t want my calendar cluttered up with a zillion minor items, but I’d like to keep track of them in case I ever have a chance to work on them. I forget how I found it, but VoodooPad looks pretty impressive. (So does their FlySketch, but that’s a separate issue.)

That, in turn, led me somehow to a Todo manager called ShadowPlan, which also looks pretty impressive.

One tool that didn’t cost me anything is the venerable enscript. There’s a darwinport for it so it installed in a jiffy, and it works just as good today as it did in 1995.

First Post

I think I’m going to be using WordPress for my blog.

Huh. So I saved it. How do I publish it?

Update: Okay. My user level needed to be higher for me to post. All I could do was save it as a draft. Now I can publish. I think. Let’s find out.

There was another problem, by the way. I installed WP using Fantastico and also by hand but both times I found out that you can’t administer it if you’ve configured Firefox to disable sending referers to the server. Why WP needs to look at referers to maintain its state is beyond me. Well, it’s not beyond me, it’s just unknown to me. If I knew more about HTTP and PHP and blogging generally, it might not be beyond me. I can imagine this is a feature to make sure that admin sessions aren’t hijacked. Or I could be totally wrong. Whatever. It took me awhile to find the answer.

Ord Exams (round two)

Today the results came back from the Ord Exams I wrote in August. (Sigh.)

There are four Ordination Exams. (Five, if you count the Bible Content Exam.) I passed Worship & Sacraments, flunked Biblical Language Exegesis. So I’m 50% happy. Or even 75% happy, since I had previously passed Polity and theology. (Indeed, 80%, counting the Bible Content Exam.)

In a week or two I will get the actual exams back so I can see what the readers didn’t like about them.

In the meantime, here are some preliminary lessons learned.

1. don’t forget the Calvin quote this time
2. translate Hebrew rather than Greek
3. use a lesson plan rather than a sermon outline
4. endorse the conventional wisdom
5. preach it

(While I’m linking to things, here’s the mongo PDF with all the old exams.)