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RSS Newsreaders

I tried NetNewsWire Lite a couple of 12-15 months ago and didn’t hate it but never really got into it. But now there’s Vienna. Let’s see if I like it better now than I did NNWL back then.

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Mac OS X apps I’m looking at

I’d like to find a decent outliner for the Mac. I’ve already found an outstanding outliner, but it’s not free. In fact, it’s a little pricey for a starving seminarian. But what I really don’t like is the way they … Continue reading

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First Post

I think I’m going to be using WordPress for my blog. Huh. So I saved it. How do I publish it? Update: Okay. My user level needed to be higher for me to post. All I could do was save … Continue reading

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Ord Exams (round two)

Today the results came back from the Ord Exams I wrote in August. (Sigh.) There are four Ordination Exams. (Five, if you count the Bible Content Exam.) I passed Worship & Sacraments, flunked Biblical Language Exegesis. So I’m 50% happy. … Continue reading

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