Monthly Archives: March 2006


There was a big conference here a couple of months ago about how terrible torture is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Abu Graibh and Guantanamo came up, if the posters promoting it are any clue. I wonder, though, if anything came up about torture in Iraq before the war. Consider this report about the trial of Saddam Hussein:

The documents revealed some unbelievably terrifying facts about the Dujail massacre; can you imagine that when orders were given to execute the 148 “convicts” the prison authorities executed only 96 of them. Why? Because the remaining 48 “convicts” had already passed away during “interrogation”!! What kind of interrogation was that killed one third of the suspects?!

How many Torture seminars were there here protesting Torture in Iraq between 1979 and 2003? (Kudus to Belmont Club.)

Update: even worse things at Michael J. Totten’s site (not especially graphic).