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Truck is unloaded

(I’m still offline. My computers are mostly still in boxes, but Verizon won’t turn on our DSL until nearly Labor Day, so what’s the rush?) Anyway, yes, the truck is now unloaded. It took us 1.5 days times three or … Continue reading

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California, Here We Have Come!

Well, here we are. Ten days of traveling and ten nights in hotels, 2859 miles of driving, and now we’re officially Part of the Problem. I stopped off at the new church yesterday but any further contacts there will be … Continue reading

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Land of Enchantment

We left New Jersey late Saturday, travelling through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee (again), Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, before arriving here in New Mexico today. And do you know what? The prettiest one of the … Continue reading

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Getting my kicks…

…in Clinton, Oklahoma, where we visited the Oklahoma Route 66 museum here today. Route 66 has a special significance to all veterans of Dr. W’s Summer Greek, so I was careful to get some photos I can mail him someday … Continue reading

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On the road again

I’m blogging while traveling. Well, actually, I’m in a hotel right now, but I’ll be traveling again in an hour or two or three. This is the 3rd hotel we’ve been in and it’s the first whose “free hi-speed internet” … Continue reading

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