Monthly Archives: August 2006

Truck is unloaded

(I’m still offline. My computers are mostly still in boxes, but Verizon won’t turn on our DSL until nearly Labor Day, so what’s the rush?)

Anyway, yes, the truck is now unloaded. It took us 1.5 days times three or four workers to load it, but three people unloaded it in just over 5 hours on Tuesday. (It was supposed to be Monday, but if we wanted a more reliable service we could have paid a couple of thousand dollars more and got one.) We packed during a heatwave; it was probably 90 or 95 degrees in New Jersey. Here in the desert it was probably no hotter … but “it’s the dry heat” so much more comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable: we liked to killed ourselves loading the truck, because we didn’t have those hernia-preventing belts that people who lift things us. It took about a week before our backs began to un-cramp. Lesson learned: we each got a back-saving belt (about $12 at Lowe’s) and only a day later our backs are fine.

So far all we’ve unpacked is our beds and a couple of dishes. Now that the truck is unloaded (and should be disappearing today sometime) we can take as long as we want to unpack our boxes. Years, even.

I did take seven boxes of books to the church. I only did enough unpacking to find my NA27 and JPS Tanakh. The rest I can unpack anytime.

California, Here We Have Come!

Well, here we are. Ten days of traveling and ten nights in hotels, 2859 miles of driving, and now we’re officially Part of the Problem.

I stopped off at the new church yesterday but any further contacts there will be on the sly, since I don’t officially begin until September 10. We get our house on the 14th and we unpack the moving van (actually the trailer, which the tractor will drop off there) on the 14th and 15th. Then I have two whole weeks to figure out how to be a pastor, because it wasn’t a big part of what we studied in seminary.

Land of Enchantment

We left New Jersey late Saturday, travelling through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee (again), Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, before arriving here in New Mexico today. And do you know what? The prettiest one of the bunch is this one. It’s not even close. I don’t mean that Tennessee is ugly. There are pretty things the whole way. But one look at New Mexico and you can immediately consign all the others to “also ran” status.

Getting my kicks…

…in Clinton, Oklahoma, where we visited the Oklahoma Route 66 museum here today. Route 66 has a special significance to all veterans of Dr. W’s Summer Greek, so I was careful to get some photos I can mail him someday when I get a proper computer setup, Real Soon Now.

My computer setup right now is anything but. I’m blogging from a hotel lobby. They have free wireless high-speed internet, like just about everyone else on the interstate, but I’ve got an old iBook G3. I never got Airport for it, because it cost too much. It wouldn’t cost anything to add it now, if it was an Intel box running windows, but Macs are basically un-upgradeable by design once they’ve left the factory.

I’ll sign off now; I was only checking my email. (Yecch! I had to use Internet Exploder. I wonder what kind of spyware is monitoring my keystrokes and where it’s being emailed.)

On the road again

I’m blogging while traveling. Well, actually, I’m in a hotel right now, but I’ll be traveling again in an hour or two or three. This is the 3rd hotel we’ve been in and it’s the first whose “free hi-speed internet” worked, so I hope to be able to blog every third or fourth day going forward.

Today we’re in Cleveland, Tennessee (“the blogging state”). Today we’re bound for Huntsville, AL, to see the Marshall Space Flight Center. Then it’s westward ho, straight down I-40 another couple of months until we hit Memphis. From there it’s a clean shot west all the way to California. (“…here we come!”). Although we may deviate from this plan to visit Southern New Mexico and then take I-10 in to California instead of I-40.

Anyway, we’re 544.5 miles from the Lukoil gas station near the seminary’s married student housing.

I thought we’d never leave. We’d hoped to be done Friday at noon; in fact we didn’t finish packing the truck until about noon Saturday, and cleaning the house and packing our vehicles took until 7pm. Thank the Lord for good neighbors. (Honor roll: Phil T. from church, Bill M. from church and also from seminary, and Susan S-B & Mr. B., Sampson, and David and Caty A. from seminary.) I can’t say I’m looking forward to unloading the truck without them in the desert. (“But it’s a dry heat!”) Pretty clever of me to schedule a move during a nationwide heat-wave, huh?

Our stuff, which did not include any major appliances, took 20-odd feet of a truck 9×8 feet in cross section. The top foot of that isn’t as well-packed as I’d like, but I did my best. Call it 1260 cubic feet. I can’t wait to hear how much it weighed. Note: our new house is about 1500 square feet in area. So unloading the truck will be non-trivial even apart from the desert heat.

P.S. I preached on the 23rd and was called there! Someday after I get there I hope the church aquires a web site, then I’ll link there.