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Truly moved in.

We have definitely moved in. I spent the morning assembling my new elliptical trainer (a close relative of this). The Tony Little Gazelle was giving me calluses on my feet, and it was always meant to be a stop-gap. Now … Continue reading

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Back in the office

Well, Colorado was swell. The ordination went swimmingly, and it was truly wonderful to see so many friends from my old church. My pastor invited me to assist in worship the next day. Since the paperwork hadn’t gone out yet, … Continue reading

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Ten days on the job. Time for a break.

I started pastoring on the September 10, and worked all last week except Friday and Saturday, my days off, except that I secretly worked some then too so I would have a sermon to preach on the 17th. (Not the … Continue reading

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Unexpected danger at the office

Prior to going to seminary I’d never worked in a church. I mean, I’d been an adult volunteer who participated in the various ministries of the church, but I’d never been on the church staff. So I never “worked” in … Continue reading

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Online again (hopefully for a long time)

We moved in a couple of weeks ago, but immediately went away so we wouldn’t be depressed by all the work that we will have to do to unpack. But now we’re back, and voila! the DSL is up and … Continue reading

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