Month: October 2006

  • Blog administrative notes

    I set up my first mailing list. Like many webserver accounts, this one comes with a certain number of mailing lists, but I never had a use for one until now. One of my associates back at seminary suggested that we all keep in touch now that all but the real sluggards have graduated. (Some […]

  • Double Exegesis

    I’m trying to begin a pastor-led Bible study next Monday, where we (me and whoever else attends) study the passage on which I will preach the following Sunday. Then, on Tuesday, I can write my sermon, incorporating any good ideas that came up on Monday. I get to expand the number of people from which […]

  • Apple Mighty Mouse

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Mighty Mouse that comes with Apple machines these days. When we got the iMac, I was actually prepared to throw it in a drawer and buy a real mouse from Microsoft or Logitech or somebody. After several days, I pretty much like the mighty mouse. The lack […]

  • Thunderbird

    I moved all my files from the iBook to my Linux machine, and imported them into Thunderbird. So far, my reaction is “Feh.” Say what you will about Apple’s i-Apps, but they look pretty. Which is pretty important when most of what you do is look at it. Firefox isn’t as pretty as Safari, […]

  • Diagonal

    Half of ninety. In a few hours.

  • New PC at work.

    My beautiful new 17″ iMac arrived this afternoon. Demonstrating a fine grasp of priorities, I immediately quit writing my sermon and set it up. Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long, because (in my experience) Macs “just work.” It found the wireless network without being asked, and the drivers for my printer were installed with the […]

  • Fire-Hunter (Book Review)

    When I was a kid I had the good fortune to read Jim Kjelgard’s Fire-Hunter. After we had almost given up hope, the San Bernadino County Library located its copy and lent it to us via inter-library loan. So I had the good fortune to read it again. Wow. What a great book. Fire-Hunter is […]

  • World Communion Sunday

    As you know, I was ordained a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) eight days ago, on Rosh Hashana. This morning I officiated in my church’s celebration of the Lord’s Supper. This was the first time, since in the Presbyterian Church, you can’t administer sacraments until you’re ordained as a minister […]