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Here’s three things off the top of my head. Famotidine, for GERD (since at least 1975). Guaifenesin, particularly during cold season. Ibuprofen, for an assortment of (mild) RSIs, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow. The amazing thing about … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I made some updates to old posts instead of writing new ones. (If you understand this pattern of behavior, you’ll understand why I want to install a wiki instead of a blog.) Anyway, I don’t have anything to write. (Now. … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Observance

A cool thing about living in a military town is that you have parades on Veteran’s Day. The high-school bands from the area are supplemented by one of the local outfits: Oddly, the local high schools’ bands were not there. … Continue reading

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WP 2.0.5 installed

You shouldn’t notice any changes. There is one, but it’s not WordPress-related. But while I was ftp-ing up a storm doing the WP upgrade, I also set up a FAVICON.ICO for my site. This is what it looks like, up … Continue reading

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Do you like the new server?

I’m not dead, just pretending. Actually, I’m busy. Busy at work and at home. Even my hobbies like this one are busy, it’s just that you can’t tell. For example, this domain is now hosted on a new system. (You … Continue reading

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