Monthly Archives: March 2007

Called and installed

As of yesterday, I am not only an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, not only serving as pastor at a local church, but now, finally, I am installed.

Six months ago, when I began serving, someone from pby. (COM? Nominating Cmte?) told me that I would have a year’s grace period without having to serve on any pby. cmtes. I blew half of it (!) getting this done. But! Now it is done, and I can enjoy the remaining half.

New thumb drive – w00t!

I drove down to the office supply store and bought a new USB thumb drive, viz., an Ativa U3 smart drive. I ferry data back and forth from home to work with one of these, and it would often fill up. That’s not likely to happen with the new one, which has 2GB capacity. (Actually a little less; it’s that 10^3 vs. 2^10 business again.

Whenever I insert the drive into my USB port, I get two devices mounted: a read-only CD-ROM, plus the writable FAT-formatted disc. The stuff on the “CD-ROM” is apparently what U3 is all about: some kind of automatic backup software I can’t use since I don’t have windows. (Like I care; I doubt I’d like it as much as I like rsync.)

Anyhoo. It’s the sort of thing that makes you realize how much you take for granted. Like filesystems that don’t suck, for example, the way FAT does. Or rsync. Or not being in that whole preloaded-crippleware ecosystem.

Stayin’ Alive

Last week was pretty intense. But I survived.

I had to plan three worship services, write two sermons, have five (5) committee meetings and one session meeting, attend Presbytery, and prepare two Bible studies. Actually I probably had to do more stuff than that, but those are the things I actually accomplished. (Plus I have a family. The cub scouts had their rain-gutter regatta. Things like that.)

This week is more sedate. I actually had time to get my hair cut today, so I’ll be all ready for my installation on Sunday. (I’ve been serving in an uninstalled capacity since September. Six months is really too long, but I’ll just have to resolve to do better going forward.)

Break’s Over! Back to Work!

I just had my first vacation since becoming a pastor: a week off, starting last Monday and concluding today. We went to the beach and chilled. I met some people from seminary at the church I attended there, and I got to see the sun set over Santa Cataline island:
Sunset over Santa Catalina Island
(Click on the photo for a larger version.) The amazing thing about these is that they are straight out of the camera and resized for the web. Period. No punching up the colors, nothing. Whoa.