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Grisham’s The Testament

I’ve been pleased (and a little surprised) with John Grisham’s The Testament. I read several of his books during the 90s but nothing lately. The local library has a pretty good collection, though, and sometimes I pick out one I … Continue reading

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Laptop News

I figured out how to login to it remotely. Turns out that Ubuntu comes with ssh client software but not server. (Makes sense when you put it that way.) Anyway, I figure that Ubuntu is as good a thing to … Continue reading

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Star Wars 30th Anniversary

The family got the new stamps at the Post Office. If I got to pick I’d probably make the Millennium Falcon stamp the one they put on coils, but I understand why Yoda will probably win. After that would be … Continue reading

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bookmark management

Well, I’m throwing in the towel on managing my own bookmarks. I tried awhile back and it just wasn’t happening for me. But the hassle of trying to sync multiple PCs of bookmarks finally convinced me to go back … Continue reading

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New keyboard

I’ve been pretty carpal the past few weeks. The Dr. said I should consider going back to my old regime of wrist splints, so I figured I might as well go for the whole ball of wax. But I had … Continue reading

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Good grief! Another version?

Apparently there’s a new version of WordPress out. I suppose I need to upgrade. But I spend 30-60 minutes upgrading WP about once a month, and I think that’s roughly how much time I spend blogging. (Still, the price is … Continue reading

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Yucca Valley

If it’s Thursday, I must be procrastinating. (Also, eating lunch.) And playing with Flickr, and the upload tool I mentioned before. And Hugin, a photo-stitcher for Mac OS X. Here’s the result:

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Excuses for slacking off

I’ve been reading a lot (the better to write inspiring sermons, my dear). I always read as much I can to prolong the exegesis phase and avoid working on the sermon. I always read Calvin and Matthew Henry, plus whatever … Continue reading

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