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Greg Bear’s “Darwin’s Radio”

Vacation time, and I’m — well, never “catching up,” but let’s just say I’m doing more reading than I usually am able to do. And I just read Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Radio, a horrifying science fiction story about a speciation … Continue reading

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Ortberg’s “God is Closer Than You Think”

Waiting at the doctor’s office today, I finished reading John Ortberg’s God Is Closer Than You Think. Very good book, with allusions to everyone from Brother Lawrence to the man in black. Typographically the book is too busy, with subheads … Continue reading

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Blog software upgrade – performed

Less than 24 hours from release to upgrade! Usually I don’t find out for two or three weeks, but this time Gruber mentioned it. Of course, he was referencing this article about how the WP people took a month to … Continue reading

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Hebrew vanishing! Corrective action required!

I have been preaching the Gospel text from the revised common lectionary every week so far during year C. That’s all well and good, you say, and, yes, the exegesis has helped my Greek reading skills inordinately. But! I was … Continue reading

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vim has integrated spell-check? d’oh!

I write all my sermons with vim, and I have missed having an integrated spell-checker with an irritating red underline. (On the Mac it’s a dotted red underline. In Word, which so far as I know invented the idea, it’s … Continue reading

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(Re) Learning SQL

We have like 12 different databases at work. Most of them are Word documents. I’d like them all to be in (say) Excel files so that we can (for example) easily make mailing address labels. (Our current mailing label database … Continue reading

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