Monthly Archives: September 2007

Amazon’s Digital Music Store…

Amazon has launched a “beta” of their digital music download store. I’m impressed. The selection isn’t bad and the prices are good. But the lack of DRM is the real selling point. Good show.

I’d provide a link to it, but Amazon just defeats me with their URLs. Have for years. I cannot fathom why every URL to those people has to be a zillion-digit opaque code, but it would be naive to assume there was a good reason for it.

rsync and the trailing slash

There may be no better piece of software in general use today than rsync. It is the heat. Without it, it would be practically impossible to backup data.

Full stop.


I don’t think I will ever figure out what to do about the trailing slash. If you read the man page you will see that

rsync (options) src dest

results in a copy of src being put in dest, but

rsync (options) src/ dest

results in copies of the contents of src being put in dest.

This is actually pretty cool. Except that bash’s tab-completion slaps a trailing slash at the end of any directory, so if you’re backing up foo/ and bar/ you have to be extra-careful that you don’t make a mess of things.

(Or I supposed you could put

set mark-directories off

in your .inputrc file.)

the new iMac

Normally you can expect a blog update on Thursday or Friday, when I’m procrastinating on my sermon. But I didn’t get to it this last week, because I was busy setting up our new 20″ iMac (specs here). It is a thing of beauty.

But the best part is that I inherit the old family eMac for my main machine. The Linux machine has been retired.

It isn’t that I loved Linux less, but that I loved and Accordance and iTunes more. And I’m willing to learn to love iPhoto and the rest of iLife 08, but we’ll have to see about that. Also MarsEdit, which already I can’t hardly blog without. (Not that I blog much with, either.)

The Dance

We have Netflix, and after almost a year, I’ve kind of run out of movies (and TV shows) I really, really wanted to see. Soon I’ve started to receive stuff from my 2nd tier, but I’m also watching some concert DVDs. Last night I watched Fleetwood Mac‘s The Dance.

Whoa. What a great band. Even Her Nasality was in good form. (At one point she was saying “thank you” to the audience after a song, and she grinned, and you could see just how beautiful she was back in the day.) I’m approximately clueless about all things guitar-ish, but if I weren’t, I bet I’d be pretty impressed with Lindsey Buckingham. As it is, I just like his songs and the way he plays them.

The sound was outstanding, too, much, much better than the “live album” sound that turned me off the genre years ago. As it happens, I have the album, but with 7000-odd songs in iTunes it doesn’t come up that often, and when it did, it’s easy to forget that it’s not a studio album.

5.25″ Floppy Disc

A couple of months I posted this picture to my Flickr account:

5.25" Floppy Disk Drive

It’s a fine photo, and I did a great job of masking off the background so you only see the floppy drive unit.

It’s also my most-frequently viewed picture there now.

Why? Do people who only used 3.5″ floppies, and for the last four years only USB drives, really not know how lousy these things were?