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Look at this!


An un-retouched screen capture of my Mac’s dashboard weather widget. We haven’t had rain since August 31/September 1.

Update: the paper says we got 2.24 inches — whoa! That’s about 3/4 of our annual supply.

ScanSnap S510M

One of the relatives I saw over Thanksgiving is an attorney. He was telling me all the ways I could leverage the internet to promote the church I serve. Most of it was what you’d expect (“start a blog”, “post your sermons as podcasts”) but the surprising one was this pitch he gave me for a Fujitsu ScanSnap. He basically shuffles paper for a living and the ScanSnap is one reason he can rack up so many billable hours.

The ScanSnap (Mac people like me would want the -M version, e.g., the S510M) is designed for unloading all the papers that clutter your life. It scans two sides at a time, 18 pages a minute, producing PDFs of the result. It includes a full version of Adobe Acrobat (though I’m not sure why; surely Fujitsu could have licensed Ghostscript if all they needed was software to pack up a JPEG into a PDF) and Optical-Character Recognition software from ABBYY. The only downside (check the positive reviews on Amazon) is the price. But still…

I’d heard this before from the usual sources, but now I’ve heard it from a flesh-and-blood paper-pusher. Huh!

Moved Hosts…

I’ve moved from one hosting service to another. [Basically, the reason was that we were moving hosts at church (a month or two back) and I didn’t want to have to cope with two wildly different administrative interfaces. So…] I’ve been migrating all my stuff from host A to host B. What a pain. I don’t look forward ever to doing that again. But the blog was the hard part, and it’s apparently migrated successfully now. (This post is the acid test.) After that I have to migrate a mailing list and then bob’s your uncle.

Buffy: Game Over (Updated)

I finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night. Seven seasons, each with 20-odd episodes. The episodes used to be 42 minutes but they dropped to about 38 in season five with the network jump.

I could write lots of things about what I liked, but it’s a lot easier to write my single complaint. (Well, actually I have some additional complaints, but they’re so minor I wouldn’t bother to write them down, although I might mention them to you if we had a lengthy conversation about the show.)

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Blogging Resumes

Do you realize that toward the end of October I published an article every day for more than a week? That has to be a first for this blog.

Part of the reason has to be MarsEdit, my new blogging buddy. I like it a lot, because it’s a thick client. (Not especially thick: it’s about like running TextEdit.) I wish I could point to some of its features and say I like those better, but honestly, I don’t. There’s something just intrinsically sucky about even the best web-based interface. I could never stand to do my work in the WordPress composition panel.

Now. What do I like about MarsEdit? Well, I like the “preview” feature (although, again, this isn’t anything WordPress doesn’t have). I like the options pane, although I’ve never thought of my “categories” as tags, which seems to be the thinking here. (Also they aren’t organized hierarchically.)

I don’t like the “media” feature, I guess because I’m too stupid. I like linking to media I’ve set up my way. But as far as I can tell, the wondrous media features of MarsEdit only work if you use Flickr (in which case, why not just copy the link yourself) or the WordPress media feature. That’s fine. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong, just that it doesn’t fit my workflow.

So what do I really like about MarsEdit? I don’t know. Probably what I like is that once I paid for it, I feel stupid if I don’t blog.