Month: June 2008

  • Anonymous Font

    Most of what I do on the computer is in a terminal window. I actually bring up gvim to write my sermons, but unless you’re in the trade, you wouldn’t see the difference. The point is that less and less do I use fancy graphical interfaces with fonts and so forth to do my work. […]

  • Engle Institute concluded

    People keep telling me I need to turn the knob to 11. Easier said than done. Also, I need to quit trying to lead in program development and instead to lead in theological reflection. If I do that at all well, then programs will follow. (Sigh.) Anyway, it’s been an awesome conference. It was good […]

  • Remembering Midway

    I was surprised and pleased when I saw that Wired’s interesting historical fact of the day for today was the Battle of Midway. Good on yer, Wired! (It’s an interesting observation they make. The “tech angle” here that this was the 2nd naval battle in which the fleets never made visual contact with each other. […]