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DSL trouble resolved?

Sorry not to be updating this blog more. Partly it’s that I’ve been terribly busy the last two months (it’s sort of the busy season at work). And partly it’s because of microblogs like twitter and time-wasting walled-gardens like Facebook. … Continue reading

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My other blog is online again

In November, my “church” blog went dark as part of our move to a different hosting service. I’m semi-happy to report it’s back online again, at the same URL:

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Uncle Sam’s Credit Score

I found this article informative. I didn’t actually know the details of how the credit score is determined. But I especially found interesting the conclusion that Uncle Sam is (or should be) a sub-prime borrower. Update (January, 2014). I’ve been … Continue reading

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Sorting people geographically

Well, I spent most of my day off doing it, but it was fun and it was programming, so I guess that’s still a “sabbath” of sorts. The problem was to sort all the people in church geographically, so that, … Continue reading

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Feedflix is pretty cool.

We’ve been pretty happy customers of Netflix for 2+ years now, but I never knew what it cost us, compared with a brick-and-mortar DVD rental place. Now, courtesy of Feedflix the answer is as clear as this graph:

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