Monthly Archives: January 2009

DSL trouble resolved?

Sorry not to be updating this blog more. Partly it’s that I’ve been terribly busy the last two months (it’s sort of the busy season at work). And partly it’s because of microblogs like twitter and time-wasting walled-gardens like Facebook. But mainly, it’s been because of my DSL, which has been horribly unreliable.

I dare to think that it might have been resolved now.
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Uncle Sam’s Credit Score

I found this article informative. I didn’t actually know the details of how the credit score is determined. But I especially found interesting the conclusion that Uncle Sam is (or should be) a sub-prime borrower.

Update (January, 2014). I’ve been asked to remove the link because it’s causing the originator’s spam rating to go up. Sounds like a bug in the algorithm. Here’s the equivalent link, in case it’s helpful: