Month: February 2009

  • Prepare to be, uh, Stimulated

    The “stimulus act” (or more accurately, the “Enslaving Your Grandchildren for $8/wk Act”) is an abomination. Take a look at how the money is allocated and decide for yourself how much of it is “stimulus” and how much is payoff to Democrat-affiliated interest groups.

  • iconv is the heat

    I’ve been looking for a software tool that would convert foreign characters into a poor substitute. Call me Ugly McAmerican. I don’t care. My language has been worn down — I would say, “polished” — like a river rock to the point where it doesn’t have a million characters or funny accent marks or any […]

  • Kindle 2 looks pretty sweet

    Amazon’s front page today is all about the version 2.0 Kindle. I have to admit, it looks pretty sweet. Choosing B&W rather than color was a good trade-off so you can up the pixel density. I looked up three books I’m reading right now, and they were all available. Interestingly, they were also (slightly) cheaper […]

  • More Cabinet Woes?

    Another screamer from the incomparable Iowahawk: Dead Hobo Reporting Glitch Claims Another White House Appointee (Kudus to Instapundit.)

  • The science of faith

    Here are two articles I should look at more closely, both in the New Scientist. (I forget where I came across them, sorry.) Born believers: How your brain creates God The credit crunch could be a boon for irrational belief The second title is a game attempt to make something arcane and abstract timely and […]