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Nazi Movies

I see someone has already come out with a new Hitler Parody. This one is about the special election in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy: I saw the other day (redirected from I forget where) an interview with the director … Continue reading

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The Future is Now

I live in the future. I’m posting from my car. Cool. Here is the GPS telling me how fast I’m going.

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This is post number 512.

That’s a cool number, because it’s 29. In hex, it’s 200 (traditionally written 0x200, or 200H for old-school 8080 assembly programmers). Inn octal it’s 1000 (or, traditionally, 01000). In binary it’s 100000. (After I noticed that, I was of a … Continue reading

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New Year's Inspiration

In this awesome piece, Bill Whittle nails both the severity of the crisis we are in, and the reasons we have to hope that all is not yet lost.

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Elmo vs. Ricky Gervais

I haven’t watched Sesame Street in about a million years, but this makes me wonder what I’ve been missing. “Is Ricky Gervais a celebrity?” Hilarious. (Via Eric Bryant.)

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