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Nazi Movies

I see someone has already come out with a new Hitler Parody. This one is about the special election in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy:

I saw the other day (redirected from I forget where) an interview with the director of the original movie, who is “pleased, nay, thrilled” about the development of this unique art form derived from his work.

I saw so many of these Hitler parodies that I finally Netflixed Downfall, the original movie from which the video is excerpted. It makes the third Nazi movie I’ve seen in the past several months.

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This is post number 512.

That’s a cool number, because it’s 29. In hex, it’s 200 (traditionally written 0x200, or 200H for old-school 8080 assembly programmers). Inn octal it’s 1000 (or, traditionally, 01000). In binary it’s 100000.

(After I noticed that, I was of a mind to wait until 01-10-10 to publish it.)

Update: it’s actually not number 512. WordPress is counting something (edits? comments?) rather than individual postings?