Month: March 2010

  • One less Linksys WRT-54G in the world

    Well, actually, no. We still have it. But it’s unplugged. At the next garage sale, we’ll get rid of the carcass. I replaced my Linksys WRT-54G wireless router with an ASUS WL-520GU. Out of box, the ASUS is a better deal with far superior features. These include using static IPs, so I can permit individual […]

  • Wall of Moisture

    Wall of Moisture Driving west on I-10 Sunday, I saw again why California has a desert. The moisture from the coast rarely makes it very far inland. This is at the San Gorgonio pass, about 100 miles E of Los Angeles. See the windmills? They’re there because there is usually an east wind (i.e., westbound). […]

  • More Sleep is Good for Learning

    That’s the conclusion of a Minnesota school system. They reference a number of studies, but, let’s be honest: who cares? The shocking thing about the Edina school district is that they let kids’ needs trump things like bus-utilization and parent/teacher preferences.

  • The Lives of Others

    I finished watching The Lives of Others. That makes two subtitled foreign films this century! Awesome. It’s the story of a secret policeman with the East German Stasi and a couple he is assigned to investigate. I’m no good at movie reviews, so I won’t try. I think the story and the characters were both […]

  • Child Sacrifice?

    This makes me sick: Argentines Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears about global warming. (There was, incredibly, a survivor.)

  • Preaching Advice

    I like this, from Mark Batterson: The longer I preach the more I realize that people don’t need to hear what I have to say but they do need a word from the Lord. (Interesting permalink for that article, by the way.)