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Linux to the Rescue (Again)

My secretary’s machine blue-screened a couple of days ago with a STOP 24 message, which tells you (or rather, doesn’t tell you) that either the disk or the filesystem is broken. Fortunately(!) we’d just gone through a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Funny Videos

I really enjoyed the Catalyst (West) conference again this year. I’m too old and its target audience is younger, etc., but there it is: I still enjoyed it. One of the reasons I enjoyed it was Tripp and Tyler. When … Continue reading

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Last Laughs

My secretary’s PC crashed today. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, and didn’t have time to investigate. So I made some obnoxious Mac fanboy-type remarks about silly Microsoft and its sad excuses for operating systems. (Then I told her … Continue reading

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Blue Screens

Man, I’m sick of Windows. The secretary’s machine at church got infected with something a couple of weeks ago. I was only able to get rid of it by reinstalling Windows. I got an antivirus solution set-up and spent, well, … Continue reading

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Playing with Evernote

It’s been popular for 2 years, so I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth getting excited about Evernote. I like Dropbox a lot. (A whole lot, but that’s another story.) I’ve experimented with Google and Yahoo sites as a … Continue reading

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