Monthly Archives: May 2010

My next car will be gassy green

Either my next car, or possibly the next paint job on my current car, will be gassy green like this one:

My Car and Another

(I refer to the green one in back. Mine is the black-and-bare-metal one in front.)

I don’t think a new car is in my budget any time soon, but this one looks pretty sweet. It looks a lot faster than mine, sure, with that high hood and close-to-the-bumper front wheel placement. But most of all, it’s chartreuse.

MySQL reinstallation notes

The other day I tried to create a view of one of my tables, and I got some weird message (not able to fork lock file PID on /tmp, or something like that, that appealed to the vestigial *ix programmer lobe in my brain).

Anyway, I believed what I read on the internet and did all kinds of things to fix it, all unsuccessfully. I wound up deleting my entire MySQL installation and reinstalling. I did that several times, in fact, because there’s no MySQL uninstaller, just lore distributed across various people’s blogs. I found this post helpful, but what I eventually used was this one.

But I have a little bit of wisdom of my own to contribute, and it is as follows:

Soon after installing MySQL, I created a file .my.cnf in my $HOME directory. It looks like this:

# The following password will be sent to all standard MySQL clients

(where abc123 is the real password, of course.)

Long story short: get rid of that file while you’re installing and testing the initial installation of MySQL.

My Next Church, for sure!

Check out this video from one of the next generation of churches. It’s Contemporvant, which is the cool way of saying it has everything I’m looking for in my next church:

I showed this to the people in my Pastor’s Bible study today, and we had some fun with it. So, obviously, did the people who made it. (Take a really close look at the tattoo, for example.)

I wonder if my church could make fun of itself in that same way. And, if we could, what would we say about ourselves and the way we do worship?

Windows 7 setup

Well, my laptop won’t be the only functioning computer at church any more. I got the secretary’s new computer set up today.

Secretary's Computer

It’s an Inspiron Desktop 570 MiniTower, and features:

  • AMD Athlon II X2 240 (2.8GHz, 2MB) processor
  • 640 GB SATA II Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
  • 4 GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz (4 DIMMs)
  • FAX/modem (!!!)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

All that plus a 1-year warranty of sorts. And the amazing thing, to an old duffer like me, was the cost. We didn’t buy a monitor, so the total, including tax and free shipping was $368.66 from the Dell Outlet.

It only took me about an hour to get the software configured. XP used to took forever. Partly this is because Dell seems to be including substantially less crapware that has to be removed.

It would have taken forever, though, if not for If you still run Windows and you’re not using Ninite, you’re wasting your time.