Monthly Archives: April 2011

Nice Piece on Using Vim

I ran across this nice reflection on the vim editor by someone who switched 18 months ago. In my own case, it was about 18 years. I’d been an emacs user forever, and it was just killing me (carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and who-knows-what). So I made the switch to vi (and, soon enough, vim). It took awhile to get used to modes, but the alternative is playing Twister with my ring and pinky fingers.

1Q results

Every night (almost) I exercise while watching a video. Here’s how things shaped up during 1Q11:

days 90 exercised 86 (96%) skipped 4
total exercise: 2 days, 19 hrs, 25 min
avg daily exercise: 44.9 min/day
avg. wt. recorded: 214.23, 13 records

It’s kind of amazing to think I’ve spent almost three days exercising. Notice too that, out of 86 days in which I recorded my exercise, I chose to record my weight only 13 times. If you think that speaks volumes, well, shut up.

This Stinks

About half the houses in my neighborhood are empty. Well, it’s actually more like 20%, but it seems like half. So what could make owning a home in Yucca Valley even less appealing?

A zombie apocalypse? No, that’s so 2010.

Roving packs of bloodthirsty hyenas? Nah!

I know! How about a nice dose of Xylella fastidiosa? That’s the ticket!

You start with oleander shrubbery that looks like this:
Oleanders - Healthy

Then you give them the infection. That will give you bushes that look like this:
Oleanders - Sickly

Now repeat about 30 or 40 times, all around your backyard:
Oleanders - Looking Bad