Month: May 2015

  • Tech Links – May 29

    Three open-source Python shells. Don’t catch Exceptions. I must have known why I always do rescue => boom to catch exceptions. The reason is that Ruby makes that shorthand for rescue StandardError => boom. Nifty. libgrader: find quality gems for your next project. It knows about two of my favorites gems: pericope and titleize. (Unlike […]

  • Tech Links

    Simple Audio Conversion with FFMpeg. Is that still a thing? I can’t keep up with all the forks. On-demand System Tray. I can’t stand the Unity Panel. Give me back my WindowMaker. (Like that’s going to happen. Even MacOSX is disowning the awesome NeXT UX.) How to add extra airplanes on FlightGear Flight Simulator. I’m […]

  • You’ll Put Your Eye Out

    Boy Scouts Can’t Squirt Squirt-Guns at Each Other.

  • Miscellany

    10 Things Google Knows to Be True. Educators have a name for question stems. I never knew what they were called. The IRS caves in a bogus forfeiture case. That whole concept is (literally) medieval and needs to be found unconstitutional.

  • Drawing Software for Windows

    Serif is still making software. I got a copy of their drawing program back in 1992. I used to like Xara too, but their Windows line is so fragmented I wouldn’t know what to buy anymore. I’m not sure what they offer that I can’t get from Canva. Or Inkscape.

  • Windows 8 Setup (Continued)

    I’m moving from a Mac to a Windows PC at work, and I’ve been blogging some of the things I’m doing to set up my computer. There’s two things I wish I could just set up: rsync and a decent command shell. Rsync I don’t know how you write a server for Windows, but it’s amazing […]

  • Mosquitos

    The state bird of Alaska, profiled in the Alaska Dispatch News: there are about 17.5 trillion of them. Read the whole article to find the answer to the question: Is the biomass of mosquitoes on the North Slope larger than that of all caribou? The accompanying picture is pretty accurate, too.

  • Windows PC Start-up List

    Download a copy of PC-Decrapifier (or Decrap) and Should I Remove It. (You’ll need to get other things from Ninite (below) but start by getting Revo Uninstaller in case you’re having trouble decrapifying something.) Product Key Finder by Magical Jellybean. From create installers for: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You can’t have too many alternatives […]

  • Baltimore

    Of Course Democrats Deserve the Blame for What’s Happening in Baltimore. Yes. Next question.